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Notably Versatile

Users in research and production trust in the MicroSpy® Profile for the measurement of specimen with many different surface characteristics from smooth to rough, matt to reflective or even transparent.

The measurement is performed with a non-contact point sensor from FRT's CWL series. Due to a high-performance and long-living LED as light source and the chromatic sensor principle with a measuring rate of 1kHz, even highly absorbing surfaces can be measured fast and reliably. The measuring principle of chromatic aberration offers high resolution down to the nanometer range is stable and virtually maintenance-free since no movable parts are used. There are sensor variations with different measuring ranges available to suite special applications and to deliver the perfect measurement solution for the given task.

Notably Powerful

The MicroSpy® Profile is equipped with a motorized x,y- measuring range of 50 mm x 50 mm. The sensor is approached through a high-precision axis with manual coarse and fine adjustment. The optical pointsensor from FRT's CWL series is available with a height measuring range from 300 µm to 3 mm and a vertical resolution of up to 3 nm. In order to find the best solution for your measuring task, our FRT experts will support you extensively during the configuration of the system. The MicroSpy® Profile is equipped with an optical point sensor for the surface measurement and an additional CCD-camera that creates a live video preview of the surface in the measuring software during sample positioning.

Notably User-Friendly

Set the measuring area easily with a few mouse clicks in the preview image and analyze the generated surface measurement data in the powerful software FRT Mark III.

Mark III is an industry proven software package for the analysis of 3D surface data gained from a profilometer. It offers a multitude of presentation, analysis and reporting functionalities and visualizes surfaces as 2D profiles and 3D topographies. Use various functions to analyze your surface in compliance with international metrology standards such as DIN EN ISO, SEP, ASTM  and finally generate convincing reports on paper or as a PDF document. The also included data acquisition software FRT Acquire Automation XT allows you to define and re-use measurement tasks (basic automation).

Notably Cost-Effective

The MicroSpy® Profile is designed as a powerful, yet cost-effective profilometer. This is reflected by its appealing purchase price as well as through low follow-up costs for training, service and spare parts. Its small footprint makes it the perfect addition to any lab and production environment.

FRT Oberflächenanalyse als Dienstleistung

Superior Service

FRT metrology experts support you with your measuring task and the system configuration that suits you best. FRT has extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of precise surface measuring tools such as an profilometer and offers substantial know-how in the analysis of surfaces and coatings.
We look forward to support and consult you with your specific measuring task!
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