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The MicroProf®– the multi- talent profilometer for all applications

The MicroProf® profilometer is a powerful, multi-sensor capable tool for all your 2D and 3D surface analysis needs. These non-contact, optical profilers are very versatile and modular measuring systems, from bench top to fully automated that can be used in R&D and on the production floor to enhance your product quality.
The tools are offered in different sizes and with a wide range of point, line and field-of-view sensors to measure even the most challenging applications. No matter what you need to measure, whether profile, roughness, topography, TTV or film thickness, these systems are true all-rounders. The MicroProf® excels at measuring all surfaces, from super-smooth to very rough, matt or reflective with sub-nanometer precision. They are easy to use, very robust, future upgradable, and provide instant results for a time - and cost efficient operation.

One profilometer for all applications

You no longer have to select a profilometer based on the type of surface you want to measure. The MicroProf® systems are based on the tried and tested multi-sensor technology of FRT and are capable of performing numerous measuring tasks on one system. The FRT multi-sensor concept provides the possibility to combine different technologies and measurement ranges in one system and thereby allows you the maximum of flexibility. Offered sensor types include chromatic white light, white light interferometry and confocal microscopy as well as thick and thin film thickness sensors.

Double sided surface measurement

With the TTV option, the MicroProf® can inspect samples from both sides – and can be upgraded at any time. With the TTV option, dual opposed sensors quickly measure both sides of the sample simultaneously for thickness and total thickness variation (TTV) as well as shape, topography and roughness of both surfaces. Exchangeable fixturing can be used to measure different parts such as wafers, die, optics, foils, substrates, metals, etc. Equipped with pattern recognition software, the MicroProf® TTV can also be fully automated with measuring recipes and part handling.

measure film thickness

Fully automated measurements

The MicroProf® profiler can be fully automated with FRT's powerful Acquire Automation XT software. The software can be tailored to your specific needs in order to fulfil even the highest requirements. Single components as well as multiple parts of the same type can be easily measured and analysed with the step-and-repeat functionality. Operators do not need any prior programming skills to create the easy to learn recipes.

With the upgradeable MHU option, the fully automated measurement of samples including part handling can easily be performed. Designed for wafers and general substrates, the MicroProf® accommodates up to 4 cassettes for parts up to 8 inches in diameter and can be fully integrated into the production workflow. A two-arm vacuum gripper automatically places the parts at the defined measuring position. The end effector can easily be changed and adapted to different sample specifications. Optionally, the MicroProf® can also be equipped with sample sorting for good, rework and reject parts.

FRT Oberflächenanalyse als Dienstleistung

Superior Service

FRT metrology experts support you with your measuring task and the system configuration that suits you best. FRT has extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of precise surface measuring tools such as an profilometer and offers substantial know-how in the analysis of surfaces and coatings.
We look forward to support and consult you with your specific measuring task!
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